Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Presidential Search

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology marked the end of an era with the retirement of Dr. William Griscom from his position as President of the College in January 2020. The transformation he led for the College benefited local and regional industry, improved the quality of life for our community, and above all, provided opportunity for men and women across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who chose Thaddeus Stevens College to prepare for a career that would provide a foundation for life. Dr. Griscom’s leadership elevated the reputation of the College to a position worthy of local, state and national recognition. During his tenure, enrollment at the College increased from 300 students to more than 1,300 students today with plans to exceed 1,500 students within the next several years. The College has enjoyed a constant upward trajectory due to its success in meeting the needs of businesses with high quality graduates for technical jobs. The cultivation of strong faculty, staff and student outcomes will be an enviable opportunity for the next president as well as a high bar to meet and exceed.